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Inspiring Romance

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I had no idea, but reading this article I couldn’t help but smile. This is fucken awesome. The President, leader of a nation on the front lines of the world, makes dedicated, regular quality time for his wife and their relationship.

In his lock-step schedule, he sets aside daily “Michelle time.” And last weekend, he fulfilled a promise to her. They got all gussied up and flew to New York, took a limo to dinner and a Broadway show, then flew home. Date night, just the two of them. Michelle and Barack. And their security detail.

As far as the comment about it being a “staging of matrimonial contentment,” I don’t care; it’s the image, the message of being happy, making time for romance and emotion and letting go of the routine and the job for a moment with your better half. Someone who’s clearly got solid good intentions in public and private office is setting an example for married couples all over at the same time, “and a man who can do that can plan my castle onslaught any day!”

via New York Times

Kevin Pollak, Felicia Day, & My Portfolio

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Apparently, Kevin Pollak’s got a web talk show he hosts every Sunday live at 5 PST and 8 EST, and since I follow Felicia Day on Twitter, she announced it earlier this week, and I tuned in for the hour and a half interview with her today from roughly 6:10 (he’s got two guests, she was second), and it was great fun. He’s got a quirky, fascinating personality, and Felicia Day was her usual cute, geeky self. Also on the site, a great interview with Paget Brewster. Good fun.

Had a good run today, talked to my mom for mother’s day, and got my portfolio page updated with a new video showcasing my latest VFX endeavor! Go check it out! Roommate just got back from baseball, it’s pouring outside, and I’m watchin’ True Romance… one o’ my faves!

Random Post

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Ooooooooh maaaaaaan…….. one of my roommates is leaving for a year in Japan tomorrow, so his goodbye party is going on right now and it’s…really…really…loud. So I’m stuck waiting up until they either leave to go somewhere else, or enough people leave so they can turn the music off or at least down. But man…it’s loud. Good thing it’s Friday or the other tenants would probably be pissed too. Then again, who’s to say they’re not anyway?

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Fast Food Reality

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I laughed a bit when I saw this. Disgusting, I know, but funny nonetheless.

WVSR via Lifehacker.


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Yup. Porn. We’ve all seen it, heard it, heard of it, yadda, yadda, yadda. I found an article today while perusing the net and read. It’s an interesting (controversial) topic that I like to read about whenever I stumble upon a related article.

“… If you have that much to hide, if you are living some sort of secret and embarrassing and family-endangering double life, if you are constantly burying images and hiding data or altering your persona to the point of endangering your work, if you cannot let someone, say, cruise through your personal sex-toy box without massive blushing and fainting and humiliation, perhaps you’re living the wrong kind of life. You think?”

Not that I have any opinion about it or anything …

The ending of that quote brings up and interesting point. When something about your personal life embarrasses you, how much is true embarrassment from it being hidden, and how much is actually shame? Of course this is a rhetorical question, and I have no answer, but it got me thinking. If we want to live the life that’s unabashed to share personal truths about ourselves, free from worry or guilt of our personal lives, despite the level of secrecy typically expected of such things in life, then we have to get over the typical feeling of secrecy about those things. I just was thinking that saying to someone, in person, that you like porn is much harder said than done for some people, despite how much they may want to live the carefree, open, honest life. I guess there’s no real point to this post other than to link the article and say I thought it was interesting and well-put, but the quote got me thinking that the blushing and humiliation may be more complicated than first percieved.

Maybe a better way to say it is this: we are socially pushed to think and act in certain ways, so when someone finds a drawer full of sex toys, to use the above stated example, we most likely are blushing because of their potential reactions, caused mostly by the social norms and expectations built up by simply living through every day society. So that was my reaction. Just thinking about why someone might have that sort of embarrassed reaction, thinking it’s not necessarily just their shame or embarrassment of having the sex toys discovered in the first place. Anyway… enjoy the article.