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New poem. Written on a rain-sprinkled walk down by the water. Enjoy :P.


It’s raining.
Surprise, surprise.
I’m acutely unaware
        of a hand to hold,
        another body’s warmth.
Everything I see
        reminds me of her:
        the flower I wish I’d given,
        the grass I want to pad her happy footsteps,
        the forest bench and ocean air I wish I could share
                with her.
But somehow I’m reminded of you.
Yonder bench is overgrown,
        bright pink flowers wrapping their coils
                ’round its faded seat,
        perhaps reminders of its happy memories,
                a guarded relic,
        and here I sit enclosed
                trees protect and hide me while I watch,
                        a solemn predator
                        after lonely prey.
Life goes on:
        tiny flies scurry in the breeze,
        grasses wave and dance,
        leaves whisper their endless tunes.
Still… I’m reminded somehow of you.
But I don’t miss you…
        I miss what I gave you…
        wish I could give it again…
        or just have it…
        or see it…
Oh, rebuilding…commence!
It’s raining.
I must walk home.
Maybe I’ll be cleansed.

also viewable @ DA.

Larry Lessig @ TED on Law & Creativity

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This may be one of the best videos I’ve seen as a plea for business and industry and politics to embrace and support new media, technologies, and youth culture instead of fighting it with lawsuits and ‘non-common-sense’ methods as they’ve been doing. This is a huge debate these days and one that needs more accepting, supportive and constructive tones – much like Lessig’s presentation style – from both sides in working toward resolution and progress. Enjoy the video… I dare you not to become addicted to the collection of recordings available on the site. Comments welcome :).

Professionalism? Respectability? …Anyone?

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The big leagues need a fresh breath blown through them. How is it appropriate to go to a professional event – like Cannes, for example – and get shitfaced when you’re supposed to be promoting your work, your skill and your responsibility when it comes to your trade. Shitfaced and responsibility don’t really correspond in my mind. Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely a place for partying and letting go, even at Cannes, but when that’s the only message you send across, it’s time to reevaluate your attitude.

FILM GUY #1: Finally, after all our hard work, we have an actual, completed film that tomorrow morning we’ll be showing at Cannes. Cannes, baby!
FILM GUY #2: We made it, old friend. Cheers!
FILM GUY #1: My life’s dream has been to see my very own film on the big screen, and tomorr- *TSSSS* AHHH! MY EYES! MY EYES! WHAT’S HAPPENING?
FILM GUY #2: Paris Hilton is spread eagle doing shots on a table! Get down!
FILM GUY #1: I can’t see! I’m blind! I’m blind! NOOOOOOO!

Film Guy #1 never regained his sight. While in the hospital, Film Guy #2 revealed he was really a gay astronaut who sold babies on the black market to finance their film. Because this is a story about Cannes and those movies always have really fucked up, depressing endings.


Cannes exists as a showcase, a professional atmosphere to show your work, be proud, meet people and get recognition for hard work done to achieve what’s often a very deep dream of the creator(s). To me, it’s not only irresponsible to yourself, but it tarnishes the reputation of the event itself when you go as a guest and get drunk, party loud and hard, play out the typical party-monster-from-Hollywood role. I don’t care if “that’s Paris Hilton’s personality” or “that’s all she’s known for, what else would you expect?” It’s not appropriate in the public eye at a professional event like Cannes; it hurts the festival, it affects the other guests and it affects the outside audience who reads about it afterward.

I suppose, in the end, it’s really a matter of being self-aware, and aware of the context you’re in at any given time, and then knowing the boundaries of said context. Maye that’s asking a lot, but I think it’s required, especially of people with public images like Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt who’re constantly scrutinized, analyzed and spun by the media.

via The Superficial.

Marilyn Manson & Bill O'Reilly

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I can’t stand Bill O’Reilly interviews. I hate the standpoints, the badgering, the ultimatums he gives his interviewees, everything. Conversely, I like watching Marilyn Manson interviews, partly because I think people like him who are quiet but clearly have something to say deserve to say it, and because the ones with him are always intelligent and interesting. This interview is the best interview I’ve ever seen with either of them. If you can’t stand O’Reilly, don’t worry, this puts that reputation to rest for once, and gives Manson the greatest opportunity I’ve seen so far to say what he wants to say in a TV-friendly way. Check it out:

So I'm a 9

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Found this on Facebook today. Apparently I’m a 9. Here’s what it means…

9’s are natural entertainers. They are very caring and generous, giving away their last dollar to help. With their charm they have no problem making friends and nobody is a stranger to them. They have so many different personalities that people around them have a hard time understanding them. They are like chameleons, ever changing and blending in. They have tremendous luck, but also can suffer from extremes in fortune and mood. To be successful they need to build a loving foundation.

Interesting. I laughed when it said ‘no problem making friends,’ but as I read, it made sense, and actually was more accurate. Interesting…food for thought for the night I guess. Not like my mind needs stimulus form this and bittersweet Coldplay at the same time. Ooh, double-teamed by sorrow! Double-sorrow’d. …Watched Season 2 of The Guild today, and half of Season 1 as a recap and to show the roommate. Laughed pretty good at both. Yea.

Productivity Hobbyist

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A while back I tried a week of productivity blogging, keeping on track all week long, recording each day’s progress, and analyzing what worked and didn’t about each day. It was fun, but I wouldn’t want to run my entire life that way. I like to read and hear about productivity hacks and the habit-formers who go about changing their lifestyles to get things done in a more efficient way, thus one of my favorite blogs is Lifehacker. But I never really thought about my interest in productivity as a hobby instead of another habit-former. (I never really thought about my interest in the subject more than that week of productivity posts). But I found this article this morning (yes, on Lifehacker) and it has a good point.

You can get mired in Bible verses without being a Christian, you can watch The Biggest Loser while putting on weight, and you can consume loads of information without gaining knowledge. It’s also possible to practice the productivity hobby without developing the productivity habit. The former isn’t bad, but it’s important to remain cognizant of the hobby versus habit distinction.

It’s a good point, and one that’s a good thing to know about yourself and your interest in any topic. Just because you’re interested, you read about it, and you consume its related reading material doesn’t mean you’re actually contributing to the group of people who are creating that material. If you actively take part in a habit or activity, then you’re more of a contributor, since you’re going through the motions as well. It’s the age-old walk-the-walk theory. Basically, just know what your level of interest is, and you’re good. I’m a hobbyist, definitely, though I like to try to act on that interest from time to time. But I’m fine with being a hobbyist and I’m content to know that from now on whenever I read more about the subject. I guess it comes down to knowing yourself, just to clear up any misconceptions or false-glorification you might have created in your mind.

Have fun, hobbyist or not :).

Hobbies are great. Having fun is, in my opinion, much more important than being productive.

Know thyself.”


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Yup. Porn. We’ve all seen it, heard it, heard of it, yadda, yadda, yadda. I found an article today while perusing the net and read. It’s an interesting (controversial) topic that I like to read about whenever I stumble upon a related article.

“… If you have that much to hide, if you are living some sort of secret and embarrassing and family-endangering double life, if you are constantly burying images and hiding data or altering your persona to the point of endangering your work, if you cannot let someone, say, cruise through your personal sex-toy box without massive blushing and fainting and humiliation, perhaps you’re living the wrong kind of life. You think?”

Not that I have any opinion about it or anything …

The ending of that quote brings up and interesting point. When something about your personal life embarrasses you, how much is true embarrassment from it being hidden, and how much is actually shame? Of course this is a rhetorical question, and I have no answer, but it got me thinking. If we want to live the life that’s unabashed to share personal truths about ourselves, free from worry or guilt of our personal lives, despite the level of secrecy typically expected of such things in life, then we have to get over the typical feeling of secrecy about those things. I just was thinking that saying to someone, in person, that you like porn is much harder said than done for some people, despite how much they may want to live the carefree, open, honest life. I guess there’s no real point to this post other than to link the article and say I thought it was interesting and well-put, but the quote got me thinking that the blushing and humiliation may be more complicated than first percieved.

Maybe a better way to say it is this: we are socially pushed to think and act in certain ways, so when someone finds a drawer full of sex toys, to use the above stated example, we most likely are blushing because of their potential reactions, caused mostly by the social norms and expectations built up by simply living through every day society. So that was my reaction. Just thinking about why someone might have that sort of embarrassed reaction, thinking it’s not necessarily just their shame or embarrassment of having the sex toys discovered in the first place. Anyway… enjoy the article.