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I Avatar-d Myself

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Woah, long time and no update, sorry but I was busy.

Anyway, I was randomly inspired to avatar myself today, so after Googling I came across this post, and decided to try a few of the services. Continue reading

Friend & Freeware

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I wanted to take this opportunity to announce two things (really three).

First, I’ve added another friend’s blog to the Blogroll section on the right-hand menu, so check that out when you get a chance.  He was a friend of mine when I lived in Colombia.  Not too close, but we knew each other, and we had the same group of friends.  It’s cool to keep up with old friends like that.  Check his site out by the link to the right, or here.

Second, I found an incredible listing of freeware/open source/GPL-licensed software today form one single site.  It’s amazing.  I’m not even going to go into details, but they’ve got everything, and it kept me busy going through only half of the page for about 4 whole hours.  Yea.  It’s that kind of incredible.  Here’s the link, check it out if you’re interested… and I bet you are ;).

Thirdly, I’ve updated the AV blog twice today, which is a big change from my typical habits with that blog, since I don’t usually update that one all that much, unfortunately.  The first update actually includes the site I mention above, but the second update is about the final film shoot for my short film The Waiting Room.  I’m super excited to get that finally done, and tomorrow (err…today) I’m going to edit the last bits of footage together and try to get a rough cut online for some friend’s critique, and look into music for it.  I’ll keep updating on that as it progresses.

I’m really liking the fairly reliable updating of this blog recently, especially those posts accompanied by Flickr uploads.  I love the layout and usability of Flickr and the nice-looking calendar and image pages are great ways to share my photos with people through this blog.  It’s a fun thing to do at night when I have time during commercial breaks from Man vs. Wild or some such nonsense thing.  Heh.  Thanks for reading, enjoy the links.  It’s bed time now for me ;).

AnimiVirtus Blog Launched!

Posted in Film, Life, Me Online, News, Resources, Video, Web on September 5, 2007 by blakejohnson

Well, it’s been a while since my last post and it probably will be a while before my next one, hah, since I tend to work that way with this blog, but I’m going to be working more on my new blog for AnimiVirtus Productions, solely providing awesome film and video resources to whoever will pay attention, as often as possible (which, given my tendencies to browse the web endlessly for new resources will probably be fairly often) with the best, coolest, cheapest, most creative solutions to people’s video problems.  Also, there are just come cool video series and shows I’d like to mention and have people look at.  So, that’ll be the blog about video.  I’ll still post on here though, in case my one or two readers were worried, heh.  Maybe that’s what I should work on instead… promoting a blog one at a time… hmm… just maybe…

Well, school starts up again soon… tomorrow for me, actually.  But I’m so glad that I’m only a part-time student now.  I’m taking English 101 and Sociology 101, through to January and then hopefully, if I can manage to scrounge up enough cash, I’ll fly my little “mini-studio” over to Vancouver and settle down there for a year, going to school for Visual Effects at VanArts.  That’s the plan for now, anyway.  So… I get up at like 8, leave by about 8:45 and get there about 15 minutes early for my first day of class.  As Riggs and Murtaugh would say, it’ll be “Beeeauutiful!”  So I have class for an hour and forty minutes, then a 50 minute lunch break… hah, (nearly enough, dontcha think?) and then class again for another hour and fifteen minutes and I’m out.  Done by 1:45 and home by 2:30 at the latest I would think.  Unless traffic’s bad or something.  That’s sweet.  So, I’m ready for the day, then I don’t have school again until Tuesday.  It’s going to be such a relief going to school only twice a week, much more time to do the things I always wanted to do during my time outside of school.  Heh, like keep a blog.  But I’ll be working on this blog, the AnimiVirtus blog and of course, more video projects.  I’ve got some effects things I want to try out and I’m working with a friend on setting up a short film project soon, so I’ll update whatever’s going on with that.  For now, just enjoy the lovely thought of me and my luscious time in and out of school within 3-4 hours.  It’s be… that’s right… beautiful, :).

So, the announcement for today is that school is starting, things are getting a little cooler I think, both weather-wise and life-wise, and, related to the cooler-ness, my AVP blog has finally launched (hah, reminds me of Alien vs Predator… didn’t see it?  Huh… neither did I).