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Holy holy wow. I don’t have a problem with bugs in general, although they do give off a general sense of unsettledness… but a friend posted this on twitter tonight, and I am creeped out. This is insane!!

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ZooBorns = Anti-Work

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OMFG a friend send me this site this morning and now I know I’ll never get anything done ever (and that there is a god in heaven).  Seriously, this beats even CuteOverload for the title of ‘blog of cuteness’!  This one’s dedicated to exotic animal babies!  How much cuter does it get!?

Gizmodo: Retire Your Gadgets With Dignity

Posted in Computers, Environment, Gadgets, Nature on February 5, 2009 by blakejohnson

Found this cool idea post today. Definitely useful in the old CRT realm of things. Probably gonna make use of this at a later date.

Productivity Day #4

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So what’s the plan?
Well, today is a relaxed, family day. I’ve been pestered enough to decorate the tree that we’re all in the same place at one time for a while today so we’re going to get down to business and decorate the Christmas tree. So today is not a productivity day. That’s aright though, it’s Sunday, we got about a foot and a half of snow overnight, and I’m guessing there’ll be s bit more than just decorating going on today. I’m not the biggest fan of shoveling, but it has to get done.

Next Update
I won’t be posting a follow-up post tonight about the day, since there won’t be any productivity stuff going on today, but I might post at some point today about other things, if I get the chance the the mood. Other than that, tomorrow it starts again, and I’ll continue to work to figure out ways to be more productive and efficient in my projects. Until then, have a great (snowy, if you’re in New England) day.

Wolves and Humans

Posted in Film, Inspiration, Life, Nature, Realtionships, Video on December 12, 2007 by blakejohnson

Im in the middle of watching a short documentary about reintroducing wolves into Yellowstone, and it was taking about eh Alpha male of the pack. It said something like:

“She kicked her mother out of the pack, she’s already kicked her sister out of the pack, and she’s in the process of kicking another sister of hers out of the pack.”

And I was wondering if it really is the same kind of thing as a human kicking their family member out of their family, so to speak, since we’re obviously different from wolves. And is it fair to compare the standards of humans to the nature of wolves?

Oh damn… they just found out the Alpha male was killed, shot, and the pack is adopting a new wolf from a totally different pack into theirs. That rarely ever happens, apparently. They test the wolf, playing cat and mouse games, intimidation games, all kinds of things (the wolves, not the people). Wow. Nature is wonderfully amazing. And so many people have to kill it. I really don’t understand that.

“With a wolfish embrace, the deal is sealed. And everyone seems thoroughly delighted with the newcomer.”