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Marilyn Manson & Bill O'Reilly

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I can’t stand Bill O’Reilly interviews. I hate the standpoints, the badgering, the ultimatums he gives his interviewees, everything. Conversely, I like watching Marilyn Manson interviews, partly because I think people like him who are quiet but clearly have something to say deserve to say it, and because the ones with him are always intelligent and interesting. This interview is the best interview I’ve ever seen with either of them. If you can’t stand O’Reilly, don’t worry, this puts that reputation to rest for once, and gives Manson the greatest opportunity I’ve seen so far to say what he wants to say in a TV-friendly way. Check it out:

Gothic Elvis

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This morning provided a few Myspace musical friend requests, and this was one of them:

Initial reaction: ‘OMG, it’s like a gothic Elvis!’ Not too shabby either, the hair threw me for a loop, reminding me of Davey Havok in the Art of Drowning era, but that was excusable… the music was great. However, upon listening, my worries were set aside. Interesting combination of Elvis, HIM and Breaking Benjamin. Cool.

Seth Rogen Age 13 Stand-Up

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Oh yea!

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Umm…and how could I leave this one out!?

Cute Girl Has Amazing Beat Box Skill – Watch more Funny Videos

Music Picks

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Randomly decided to make a music roundup today of some of the coolest melodic/folk metal bands I could think of off the top of my head that I listen to. Paganfest happened last night, I never got tickets so I didn’t go, heard Korpliklaani wasn’t good live, and being the band I’d be going to see, I figured it could wait. Also, money’s good to keep when you ain’t earnin’. But this don’t cost nuthin’, so take a peek through and enjoy.
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