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Transformers Advertising

Posted in Entertainment, Film, Humor, Video, YouTube with tags , , , , , , on June 13, 2009 by blakejohnson

Not a big fan of the movies, other than the superb VFX work, but this ad had me chuckling.

Via io9.


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Wow. I’m fucken sold. I’ve had this tab open for a while now, and finally got around to watching the guided tour for Evernote, a sort of life-capturing application where you capture things you want to remember (from literally anywhere) and then it indexes and searches it later when you need to find something (yea, even text in photos). I was into the idea, but didn’t think it was really something I’d end up using that much, but I figured I’d give the tour a whirl anyway.

So I just watched it and holy shit… the simplicity but “it-just-works”-ness about this app is so cool! It just works! I think I might give it a shot. I’d use it less on the net but more in real life, with a phone (which means I need to investigate my phone plan’s accomodation for web uses…once I get a job). One of the things I like the most (aside from the fact that it’s freeware!) is that a lot of the net- or browser-based apps like this that I’ve come across support only specific or affiliated sites, which kind of rules out the usefulness of a tagging application like that. This app doesn’t care what the site is, or even what the media is you’re capturing, it can search anything (it didn’t mentioned anything about videos, so I’m not sure about those…but how much would that rock!?) But everything else seems to work great. I’ll give it a shot and see how it works. I could see this becoming very useful later on when I’ve got a job and any kind of resources to devote to developing a sort of pipeline for using it. Let me know about your experience if you’ve used it before.