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Semester Updates

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Hello everyone,
It’s been a while since I last updated this with anything at all, so I figured I’d post a solid summary of what I’ve been up to for the last 4 months or so.

It’s been a crazy semester, packed full of projects and the like, and I’ve done my best to detail the best of them on my portfolio. Continue reading

Oh yea!

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Umm…and how could I leave this one out!?

Cute Girl Has Amazing Beat Box Skill – Watch more Funny Videos

Productivity Day #4

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So what’s the plan?
Well, today is a relaxed, family day. I’ve been pestered enough to decorate the tree that we’re all in the same place at one time for a while today so we’re going to get down to business and decorate the Christmas tree. So today is not a productivity day. That’s aright though, it’s Sunday, we got about a foot and a half of snow overnight, and I’m guessing there’ll be s bit more than just decorating going on today. I’m not the biggest fan of shoveling, but it has to get done.

Next Update
I won’t be posting a follow-up post tonight about the day, since there won’t be any productivity stuff going on today, but I might post at some point today about other things, if I get the chance the the mood. Other than that, tomorrow it starts again, and I’ll continue to work to figure out ways to be more productive and efficient in my projects. Until then, have a great (snowy, if you’re in New England) day.