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Photography Resolutions

Posted in Art, DIY, Humor, Inspiration, photography, Resources, Web with tags , , , , , , on January 3, 2008 by blakejohnson

When a cool DIY photography blog publishes a story called “Goodbye 2007, Hello Two Thousand And Awesome,” you know you’ve got to pay attention.  Photojojo I only just found last night, but already I’m extending beyond the screen in Firefox tabs, all with different pages form the site.  This particular post, however, is a great inspirational (and quick) read about what to do with your camera in 2008.  From joining numerous photo groups on Flickr, taking classes and even a few DIY projects (fisheye lens, coloring books, mosaic emails), it’s got me itching to go an snap away.

At the moment, I’ve got some more rotoscoping work to do, and then it’s off to lunch, but I’m thinking of taking a peek at some of their ideas in a bit more depth when I get back.  Check out their lively 2008 resolution post, and figure out what to do with your camera in the new year!