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How Not to Fail at Life

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Thanks to @mc_lars, this is a pretty awesome comic about how not to fail at life. Learn sumthin’. Original.

How Not to Fail at Life

Random Post

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Ooooooooh maaaaaaan…….. one of my roommates is leaving for a year in Japan tomorrow, so his goodbye party is going on right now and it’s…really…really…loud. So I’m stuck waiting up until they either leave to go somewhere else, or enough people leave so they can turn the music off or at least down. But man…it’s loud. Good thing it’s Friday or the other tenants would probably be pissed too. Then again, who’s to say they’re not anyway?

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Comic Review: Y: The Last Man #3 – One Small Step

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I just finished book 3 in the Y: The Last Man series and man, did it kick some ass! The first two books I definitely liked, but I mostly regarded them as something fun to pass the time, something to kill some hours and relax a bit when I wanted a break from work or other things. Roughly 6-7/10 ratings, the both of them. But this third book is without a doubt a 9.5/10. It’s. Purely. Awesome.

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Free Comic Book Day Tomorrow…

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Are you ready for a kick-ass reason to leave the computer? I know I am. Tomorrow’s Free Comic Book Day, where publishers are giving away free comics at participating stores around the world for one whole day! Supplies are limited, and the selection itself is slim, so get there pronto and grab yer goodies before they’re plundered by someone else!

Moonlit Madness

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Well, here’s lovely Chapter 3 in my series in the “Well… What Would You Do?” series. I had to give the overall piece of work a name the other day to submit it to another site, so I decided on that, because I kind of think that’s what the story’s about, in part, just playing with people (characters) and seeing what they’ll do in a situation. It’s a fun journey to throw them on, and fun to explore the parts of my mind I haven’t really let out of the hatch yet ;). Enjoy.

NOTE: I’m also splitting them up now, so you’ll get a brief intro for the story and then just click on the “Read More” link at the bottom of this post and you’ll see the whole thing, just so it doesn’t take up my entire main blog page. Otherwise, keep reading!

Lizzy stood there in the hot dry desert, dumbfounded. Alex was waiting for a sign.

“How did we not notice the sand from the doorway?” Lizzy was walking back to the back door now, curious at how she could have managed to miss the fact that they were in a desert, but still in the same house. “It’s like the whole house just got up and-”
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