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Posted in Entertainment, Poetry, Writing with tags , , , , , , , , on July 23, 2009 by blakejohnson

Inspired by the Festival of Light that’s going on right now, I sorta got an idea in me head and went with it, hope ye like!

The sky is exploding with fire;
a cascade of shimmering stars,
a colored flame-fall of dying light,
glowing brightest – like mars,
and giving up the fight.

Faeries rush to save them,
bolstering the forces,
but the neon cascade falls,
lighting up the watching faces,
bringing joy to all.

The thunderclaps roll overhead,
echoing like the sea,
and I sit alone in my room,
the fireworks, my laptop and me.

😀 That was fun! Ian MacMillan was right, rhyming is fun, it does help you to think. I think I’ll aim for more rhyming poetry in the future, it makes you think and synthesize your thoughts and get into the concept and feeling of your subject. Freeform has a place, definitely, but this experiment has proven helpful in bolstering my interest in rhyme.