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Felicia Day's B-Day Present

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Posted on twitter (@feliciaday), this was too good not to repost. Enjoy. (And happy birthday, Felicia!)

Lesbian Vampire Killers

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Hahaha, oh this was great fun. I knew it’d be fun, and I knew it’s be sexy, and I knew it’d be…great. And it was. Great fun, hugely in the vein of Edgar Wright; tons of his camera moves, cutting style and great humor and campiness. Lots of fun watching MyAnna Buring as a virgin mythological studies student and her troop of scantily-clad (but non-lesbian) women friends tantalize the chubby Fletch to near-bewilderment. Lots of fun, worth checking out.


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Oh yea. Just call me 1337. …Anyway, I found a few classics remixed on YouTube today, just perusing, and thought I’d do a roundup and share. Points for remembering where they’re from before checking out the link. Oh, sorry… P01N7S. Yea. Those.



Okay, they’re not all classics, but they’re well-known. Here are the older ones…



Transformers Advertising

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Not a big fan of the movies, other than the superb VFX work, but this ad had me chuckling.

Via io9.

Hammer Pants

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Been a while since I posted…went camping, been working on projects, being bored and watching movies (the Phantasm series is great fun :P), but I found this via @feliciaday (yes, more from her) and had to share it. Awesomeness ensues…
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