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VIFF … so far

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Alrighty then…been a longo time since I made any sort of update but here goes nothin’…

Been attending VIFF today, saw two films so far and thought I’d share my..thoughts.

The Anchorage

As far as a barebones indie first feature film effort goes, not bad. As far as an engaging, energetic, complex or intriguing film – visually or story-wise – not so much. Given the fact their goal was to make ‘something you wouldn’t normally see in Hollywood theaters’, it was alright. They said in a Q&A afterward, responding to a question about the acting we’re used to as being very expressive of emotion all the time, ‘but you don’t always express emotion, do you?’ More interesting than the questions were the answers, their seemingly interested-in-their-art while disinterested-if-you-didn’t-understand-it attitudes made for somewhat amusing back-and-forths between the filmmakers and the audience. There was a time when I’d have enjoyed this more, just not my type of movie really anymore.


VIFF Listing

Cooking History

This was a bit more my style: European history – specifically war stories – told by military cooks from Germany, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Serbia, Algiers, Croatia and France. It was interesting and sadistically amusing to see the contrast between these jovial cooks and their stories about the brutalities of war and watch their methods of killing and slaughtering animals (yes, multiple times) and preparing meals. A constant awareness is kept, however, of each of these people’s struggles during and after the wars. They’re very human, very worn and experienced, very real. Ultimately a portrait of people in war, food and moving on, it’s entertaining, touching, humorous, honest and pretty solid.


VIFF Listing
Film Website

There’s another coming up tonight, so I’ll letcha know about that ‘un too at some point. It’s an Irish thriller-romance…so yea, I’m lookin’ forward to it :P.

Blood Trail

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Holy craziness. I’m not a connosseiur of CG stuff, but I’ve come across a fair amount, and this is without a doubt the most brutal, visceral, gory, violent piece I’ve ever seen. That said, I quite enjoyed the article and the fact that someone without prior experience was able to push the envelope so fully. Good inspiration.

Link: Leaving A CG Blood Trail


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Oh good god I hate snoring. You can’t concentrate, you can’t relax, you can’t let yourself be sleepy, you can’t make yourself sleepy… all my best writing ideas and lines come to me when I’m tired enough to not get up and write them down (dumb, huh), but when there’s snoring going on in the background I can’t focus enough to put anything together in any sort of showcase-able way.

In other news… discovered @mc_lars (check out ‘Download This Song‘), @Annaleen, @Jon_Favreau, and @neilhimself today thru @feliciaday‘s post here. Gotten followed by two new people today…a Bipolar Disorder helpline and a random dude who’s apparently into ‘technical things, all sorts.’ Bipolar technology… just what I need. One question: does it snore? Because that would be perfect.

…for good measure (also: his website):

Friend & Freeware

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I wanted to take this opportunity to announce two things (really three).

First, I’ve added another friend’s blog to the Blogroll section on the right-hand menu, so check that out when you get a chance.  He was a friend of mine when I lived in Colombia.  Not too close, but we knew each other, and we had the same group of friends.  It’s cool to keep up with old friends like that.  Check his site out by the link to the right, or here.

Second, I found an incredible listing of freeware/open source/GPL-licensed software today form one single site.  It’s amazing.  I’m not even going to go into details, but they’ve got everything, and it kept me busy going through only half of the page for about 4 whole hours.  Yea.  It’s that kind of incredible.  Here’s the link, check it out if you’re interested… and I bet you are ;).

Thirdly, I’ve updated the AV blog twice today, which is a big change from my typical habits with that blog, since I don’t usually update that one all that much, unfortunately.  The first update actually includes the site I mention above, but the second update is about the final film shoot for my short film The Waiting Room.  I’m super excited to get that finally done, and tomorrow (err…today) I’m going to edit the last bits of footage together and try to get a rough cut online for some friend’s critique, and look into music for it.  I’ll keep updating on that as it progresses.

I’m really liking the fairly reliable updating of this blog recently, especially those posts accompanied by Flickr uploads.  I love the layout and usability of Flickr and the nice-looking calendar and image pages are great ways to share my photos with people through this blog.  It’s a fun thing to do at night when I have time during commercial breaks from Man vs. Wild or some such nonsense thing.  Heh.  Thanks for reading, enjoy the links.  It’s bed time now for me ;).