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New Years

Posted in Articles, Get Meta!, Life, People with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on January 1, 2008 by blakejohnson

I was just watching the New York City celebration of the New Year, and realized that the new year’s sort of become a time where people say “alright, this year I’m really going to revamp things and get better…” or something like that. But I was just wondering, since time goes on anyway, and really nothing changes but numbers, if the New Year’s become a sort of excuse to do good at first and then peter out. It seems like lots of people have the attitude of “well, I really fucked up this last year, but I’m going to start fresh now, move on with these new resolutions,” and I was wondering how fair that is to put ourselves through every single year, when we come up with these goals and then don’t follow through, and we just say at the end of the year that we’ll follow through this time, because it’s the new year, the fresh year, and our new chance…
Alicia Keys was singing about how it was “our chance in the New Year” to live and love like we’ll never be able to again. And I’m just sitting here thinking, “what, like we didn’t have that chance every other year of our lives? Is something special about 2008? What’s going on?” I’m just wondering why people can’t stick to their goals, or maybe just make smaller goals, or something, something that makes sense, and stop making excuses about the New Year to just give up on their goals, lives, and themselves and others. It’s kind of ridiculous, I think.

I’ve become quite critical about the U.S.’s media and it’s brutal, super-capitalistic bombardment of fear, buy, buy, buy mentality… and how disgusting it is that we have to sell plans to stay healthy when it’s a human right, and their own duty to themselves; it’s absurd that the U.S. can just give up on itself because its leader is doing a shit job of being president… it’s our country, the people are supposed to be in charge, so how can he last 8 whole years without significant opposition?! To be honest, I would be perfectly happy if I just left America when I go to Vancouver, and then never came back. However, that in itself is a pretty defeatist attitude – just like how I think most Americans are feeling about the presidency right now.

I’m so sick of this place and the way it works, with no question, with so much ignorance, with so little fighting for the right way of life. I don’t get how the rest of the world (I really mean France, England, even Cuba – oh god, is that unAmerican?!) can be so much better off than the U.S. when we’re the ones who advertise as the best country in the world. (An seriously, WTF is up with that!?) After the New Year’s celebration in New York there started a TV-documentary about… guess what… eBay. Yup, and apparently, if eBay had the people who make part or all of their income on eBay’s own payroll, they’d be the second largest employer in the country…next to Wal-Mart. Yea, the gigantic, small-business-destroying mass-marketing behemoth of the buy, buy, buy mentality that permeates our society.

Honestly, I guess part of what I’m grappling with is essentially this: we began aiming for the utmost, almost a utopia (but not quite, we wanted a democracy) of people-oriented governing, fair and equal treatment and loving home lives. Now, the U.S. is essentially a capitalist dictatorship. What the hell happened, where the hell did we go? And what can be done about it – that is probably the most important question to pose and tackle (I’m not going to say “in the new year”). What can we do about it? Anything?

That said, have a great New Year, the best of luck in your New Year’s Resolutions and in the new year itself.