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Free Geek!

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Alright…I just watched the redux on The League of Noble Peers documentary Steal This Film 2, as part of their campaign to help the three members of TPB during their current trial in Sweden, and not only did their talk about a new kind of internet connectivity and community and new ways of thinking about collaboration and community and a sort of technology/creativity-based utopia get me all geekishly excited but I just happened to stumble upon this site while looking for free packing supplies in my area (moving at the end of the month).  Yea, no big deal, but cool nonetheless, until I saw the righthand menu section.  “Upcoming Events”!?  “Learn”!?  CAN YOU SAY AWESOME!!  (How about GEEKTASTIC!?)  I got really excited when I saw the “Intro to Ubuntu GNU/Linux” coming up in March.  Definitely going to have to attend that one.  Except it’s full.  Damn.  Well it says there’ll be more in the future so I’m subscribin’ to ye ol’ newsletter then, see what I hear.

Oh yea, and their events are free, they’ve got an “earn a computer” program where you donate 24 hours of service to their organization and you get to adopt one of their aptly-named GeekBoxes (a Linux machine loaded with open source/free software), a computer thrift store (ooooh yeeess) and, under the ‘Free Geek Family’ section, ‘How to start a Free Geek!‘  Oh, and there’s a cluttered but kinda cool Wiki too.

Ooooh…this is going to be a long night of nerdgasms…

UPDATE: Check out the YouTube video below to see how the original Portland chapter got started.  Pretty freakin’ well-spoken 13-year-old, huh?

Learn to Hack

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…kinda. I found this article today and thought “this is cool.” So I figured I’d share. A professor in California teaches students about programming viruses, worms, etc., focusing on getting into the mindset of harmful virus writers with the hopes of creating a more open and intellectual field of anti-malware instead of the corporate-driven (and highly-priced) one we’re often forced into today. Cool idea, cool dude. I agree with the writer at The Cyberpunk Review, where do I sign up?

Open Source Cell Phone

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I found this a while back and saved it to read later, but while cleaning out my list of “to-read” items, I rediscovered it and thought I’d post it. It seems pretty basic in concept, and after thinking about it, I’m actually a little surprised it didn’t come out before now (that I know of). One of the cooler parts about it is, following through with the open source ideology, the CAD plans are available for you to customize and work on for your own design. Manufacturing might be a bit of trouble if you’re not handy with molding plastic or metal or whatever, but it sure would be sweet for the people who can pull that off. I’d love to see the creations when they start coming out.

Frets on Fire!

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No doubt most of you have at least heard of the rampaging game Guitar Hero, or played it.  Well, that’s all fun and good, but the super hardcore kids get to play Frets on Fire, an open source game for Windows/Mac OS X/Linux that lets you not only play just like Guitar Hero (though not commercial music), but you get to rock the crap out of your keyboard while doing it (no kidding, you actually hold it like a guitar, check out the demo video).  I was pretty into this game when I first found it, and the how-to-play video is quite entertaining, judging by the demo video mentioned above.  I’d love to give it a try, but I don’t want to put it on my Windows video system, and the only other computer I’ve got is a MacBook… (if you watch the demo video, you’ll see how hard this game would be to play on a laptop).  It looks like an awesome game though, and I would highly recommend if you’ve got access to either a USB or wireless keyboard, or another monitor (the extra keyboard would be better for laptop users), then go ahead and give it a shot!  (Of course full-sized desktop system users are already set up to play this without the extra keyboard or monitor).  Let me know if you try it out!