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Dove Commercial

Posted in Art, DIY, Entertainment, Get Meta!, Graphics, Inspiration, Life, photography, Resources, Video, Web with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on January 4, 2008 by blakejohnson

I was looking through Photoshop tutorial sites tonight, a result from my newfound fascination with Photojojo, and found this.  It’s a pretty interesting video, and though Dove uses these goodwill-spirited pieces as their advertising campaigns, I think they deserve credit for the way they’re put together and the fact that they’re shown so openly and liberally.  That’s really what kind of statement it is, anyway, a liberal one.  Anyway, I saw this and wanted to share it, since we’re bombarded with “beauty” and society’s expectations and standards of that beauty all the time.  So here’s the link.  Enjoy (or something… I don’t know if enjoying is really what you’ll do with this).

Also, as a footnote, I want to say that HDR. is. awesome.period.