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New poetry 'n' goodness

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Alrighty…well it’s been a bit since I posted but never fear, the ol’ Blakemonster be at it again!




…no? Garrhrhrhrhrumblerumble…fine….then just listen for a sec…

Okie…..ignoring the above, here’s two new(ish) pieces. I say ‘ish’ because only one’s new (written this morning), the other I wrote about a month or more ago but forgot I had and never put it online. Which is odd, because I do like it. So, here goes…
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Hotmail forwarding to…anywhere!

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This is an excellent tip that I’m now going to use to finally check all my emails accounts in one place.  Pesky little Hotmail made the free version without support for POP, meaning no email forwarding from Hotmail to Gmail or Apple’s  Or anywhere, for that matter.  However, with this handy little tip from Javed Mandary’s blog, it’s stupidly simple to forward your Hotmail messages to your favorite email address, and only ever have to check one spot for everything, from then on.  I’m definitely using this now and definitely going to keep using it into the future.  Great tip, man, thanks a lot!