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Lesbian Vampire Killers

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Hahaha, oh this was great fun. I knew it’d be fun, and I knew it’s be sexy, and I knew it’d be…great. And it was. Great fun, hugely in the vein of Edgar Wright; tons of his camera moves, cutting style and great humor and campiness. Lots of fun watching MyAnna Buring as a virgin mythological studies student and her troop of scantily-clad (but non-lesbian) women friends tantalize the chubby Fletch to near-bewilderment. Lots of fun, worth checking out.


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Has anybody else noticed how much Outlander changed from its original idea to the final result? What a ride that must have been. Not the best in my book… A buddy’s watching it right now, I think I’ll give it another shot.

EDIT: Eh, it’s fun. Nevermind some of the iffy effects and the not-new hero story. Decent fun.

Comic Review: Y: The Last Man #3 – One Small Step

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I just finished book 3 in the Y: The Last Man series and man, did it kick some ass! The first two books I definitely liked, but I mostly regarded them as something fun to pass the time, something to kill some hours and relax a bit when I wanted a break from work or other things. Roughly 6-7/10 ratings, the both of them. But this third book is without a doubt a 9.5/10. It’s. Purely. Awesome.

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Movie Review: Transsiberian

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Transsiberian was a decent film. Pretty basic storyline, nothing out of the ordinary, really, but the environment was kind of cool, and not too common (plus, cold wintry surroundings are best I think for isolation, insanity and murder movies, just watch 30 Days of Night).

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