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Palimpsest: A Lucid Dream

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I’ve just finished reading Palimpsest. I first read about it on io9, and what piqued my interest up until cracking the spine was that it was a story about suffering; people dealing with pain. And it certainly is.
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Nerd President

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Found this via Gawker. Awesome. My kind of humor and subject matter, great fun to see the president recognizing and enjoying the humor as well. It’s a good beginning.

Death Star vs. The Enterprise

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I’m a regular Geekologie/Iwatchstuff/Superficial reader, and today on Geekologie I find this… in the wake of the recent Star Trek movie someone made a short viral-looking piece where we see a bunch of the Imperial military machinery and the Enterprise sort of weirdly hovering off in the distance over the ocean near San Fransisco (if you look closely, when the camera pans you can see it swing past the Golden Gate Bridge). The effects are actually pretty well done. The only thing I have a problem with is the Enterprise just looks a little weird, maybe it’s too bright or something, but it doesn’t fit right in the scene. The Death Star laser I like, but the other Imperial elements that are definitely CG (namely the walkers) are to bright, in my opinion, and don’t seem to fit into the scene too well. Anyway…be your own judge and click thru the jump for the video.

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Holy FlareVision!

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I. Have. Never. Seen. So. Many. Lens. Flares. In. My. Whole. Life. I went and saw Star Trek last night, and enjoyed it. It was basically what I’d expected, not at all bad, but nothing to write home about either. There were notably good performances from Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Kirk (Chris Pine), and honestly none of the other characters did a bad job. Eric Bana, someone I think is mis-cast in most roles, even offered up a decent portrayal of an alien-gone-rogue-villain.

The visual effects were very well done, but what else would you really expect from a place like ILM, especially when shops like Digital Domain, Lola and Svengali FX are backing them up.

My only complaint is the fact that there is at least one lens flare in virtually every single shot of the entire movie. Even the lights inside the Enterprise cause the lens to sparkle up, and on top of all those, there are these weird light/color reflection patterns that shimmer across the lens whenever the camera moves inside the ship. Cool idea, yea; cool look, yea; practical, hell no. When you start to think the plastic/glass of your spectacles (what, you don’t call them spectacles?) is malfunctioning, something’s gone wrong.

Apart from that, the film is a good watch, good fun, with plenty of eye-candy for basically everyone. Worth the watch this weekend when you get the chance.

*Movie Addition*

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Woops! I can’t believe I forgot this one! I know I left out some stuff in that listing, but of all things I don’t know why this slipped my mind:

Alive In Joburg – Neill Blomkamp from Spy Films on Vimeo.

Link to the official trailer: io9.

Moonlit Madness

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Well, here’s lovely Chapter 3 in my series in the “Well… What Would You Do?” series. I had to give the overall piece of work a name the other day to submit it to another site, so I decided on that, because I kind of think that’s what the story’s about, in part, just playing with people (characters) and seeing what they’ll do in a situation. It’s a fun journey to throw them on, and fun to explore the parts of my mind I haven’t really let out of the hatch yet ;). Enjoy.

NOTE: I’m also splitting them up now, so you’ll get a brief intro for the story and then just click on the “Read More” link at the bottom of this post and you’ll see the whole thing, just so it doesn’t take up my entire main blog page. Otherwise, keep reading!

Lizzy stood there in the hot dry desert, dumbfounded. Alex was waiting for a sign.

“How did we not notice the sand from the doorway?” Lizzy was walking back to the back door now, curious at how she could have managed to miss the fact that they were in a desert, but still in the same house. “It’s like the whole house just got up and-”
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I’m All Over This!!

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This is just a brief announcement about me, the blog and my writing that I’ve begun recently.  First things first…

1. The blog underwent a few large changes in the last two days.  I changed the theme yesterday and posted.  Then I posted today again, and while rewriting the About page became so dissatisfied with the layout I had at the time, I changed it again within a matter of seconds after the About page was completed.  That being said…

2. The About page is brand new and updated with all kinds of new little goodies of information and links, so go check that out!

3. I’ve become much more active on DeviantArt recently, my profile page being here, mainly with the posting of my short story series, trying to get a bit of attention for it, and talking to a friend I didn’t really know back home before I moved out here (funny how that works, isn’t it?)  So go check that out too, you’re interested.  I’ve also added a bunch of things to my wishlist there as well as my favorites list.

4. Speaking of website I’ve become more active on… I discovered a number of books I would love to read someday… so I listed them not only as Wanted ads on Facebook but on my Goodreads account in my to-read shelf.  Go ahead and check out my profile there as well.  I’ve also begun posting my short story series on there as well, to reach more of an audience and it has a nice format for organizing work as well, so I liked that about it.

5. Lastly, (in case you hadn’t noticed), I also updated this blog about 4-5 times in the last week, which is a big change from normal, as I’m sure you know if you’re a regular reader here at all.  It’s not very regular most of the time.  Well, there’s no big ambitious announcement to try to change that, I’m just pointing out that I posted a bunch recently… so when school starts for me next week and there are no posts for a long time, you’ll know why, and you’ll be nicely tided over until I get back (hint).  Enjoy!

6. I’ve also been working slowly at building up a wishlist on Amazon, so you can check that out too if you’re interested and would like to maybe get me something for my Birthday in August or Christmas… or even for no occasion at all!  (Note: there are 3 different wishlists for me, a “Big” one, a “Movies” one and a “Books” one.  All three are fair game.)  Another good gift-finding location would be my Goodreads profile in the “to-read” section, if they’re not already on the Amazon wishlist.  Hah, and here I am going on and on as if you cared about where to buy me presents from…

Thanks for reading, checking in, and I hope things are going well in your neck of the woods.  Oh, last note, I’ve also become more active on iLike… but I’m tired of copying and pasting links for the moment, so go check that new About page you were going to check out anyway, right?  Yea… it’s on there, just read through and you’ll find it ;).  Enjoy the changes and additions.