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Ooooooooh maaaaaaan…….. one of my roommates is leaving for a year in Japan tomorrow, so his goodbye party is going on right now and it’s…really…really…loud. So I’m stuck waiting up until they either leave to go somewhere else, or enough people leave so they can turn the music off or at least down. But man…it’s loud. Good thing it’s Friday or the other tenants would probably be pissed too. Then again, who’s to say they’re not anyway?

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Reading update

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Following up on that other reading material, Simon Dark was awesome, a great new issue, the worst part about this series really is waiting for the next book. Walking Dead is now added to my list of to-read series, a fascinating character drama that happens to take place in an apocalyptic zombie-ridden world. The original zombies, slow, stupid ones, not the 28 Days Later edition (though those weren’t zombies, I know, but that’s a widespread misconception that’s still best to be mentioned for clarity’s sake, I think). I really like the art in these books too.

I’ve yet to read the next DMZ, but I’m currently in the middle of Y: The Last Man, book 3, and it’s pretty sweet. Lots of high-tension, sort of a pulling-in-different-directions of the male’s storyline. Cool effect, and the art and narrative go together quite well.

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Reading Material!

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Reading Material!

My roommate just got back from Toronto [religious holiday], and brought me back some goodies. His brother was [and I believe still is] a big comic junkie, so he lent me the first two issues of Walking Dead [in awesome condition, by the way], and I decided to reward myself for a whole lot of hard work the past week by self-gifting DMZ issue 3 [‘Public Works’] and Simon Dark issue 2 [‘Ashes’]. Yess….the anticipation builds…